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Toynbee Tiles
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This is an open, unmoderated community and resource created in October 2005 for the posting of updates, pictures and discussion of the mysterious 'Toynbee Tiles' that appear in cities across the North-Eastern US, and have also been spotted in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago de Chile. They've been appearing and disappearing since 1983, and as roads are re-surfaced newer tiles often appear elsewhere. No one is absolutely certain as to the origin of the tiles or what, precisely, they mean, but there are many clues out there.

When posting photos please do one location per post as this makes linking easier, and please keep photos to a manageable size for ease of display. Use lj-cut if you're posting more than a few photos of a tile, and please be as informative as possible as to the exact location of any tile, old or new, and when it was seen. Similarly, if tiles appear to have been lost, here's a good place to mention it.

Dovate.com Steve Weinik's convincing July 2005 article on his speculations on the tiles' origins.
Flickr: Toynbee Tiles Photo-posting and discussion, public group.
Flickr: Toynbee Tiles Detectives Photo-posting and discussion, public group.
MySpace Site for the Resurrect Dead film.
Placas Toynbee was a Portuguese language site for the Toynbee Tiles spotted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. No longer in existence.
Resurrect Dead Useful site full of the stuff too arcane for Wikipedia, set up in preparation for the making of a documentary film about the tiles. Also has a transcript of the David Mamet play 4am, about a call-in radio show and being resurrected on Jupiter (under 'External Links'). The site is now much smaller than it once was, and the message board has gone.
Steve Weinik's comprehensive update on 2009 Toynbee Tile activity.
Toynbee.net was the central though rather neglected site for the cataloguing of tile sightings. It's no longer in existence but is archived here. It's a useful resource for all known Tile locations, up to about 2005.
Wikipedia: Arnold J. Toynbee Information about the philosopher.
Wikipedia: James Morasco Information about one possible originator of the tiles.
Wikipedia: Toynbee Tiles The most balanced general reference point for background and explanation of the tiles.