Pete Young (peteyoung) wrote in toynbee_tiles,
Pete Young

Philadelphia, October 2005: Some Discoveries, part 2

Walking back to my hotel to meet up with Fred, I did notice a few small brown/grey rectangular patches at certain intersections in downtown Philly. I was obviously not completely familiar with the process by which Toynbee Tiles were laid but they were certainly of the right size, and I peeled away the corner of one (of two spotted) at Broad & Sansom to uncover what was very probably a new tile underneath. Later that morning, while Fred kept passers-by amused/baffled as to what we were doing, I chipped away the rest of the tar paper cover to reveal a fresh tile underneath:

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Image hosted by Image hosted by

I used the screwdriver attachment of my Swiss Army knife as I didn't want to damage the tile with anything sharp. Nevertheless I discovered that unless the tar paper cover is easily separated from the tile it's a difficult job, so unless the cover comes away by using fingers only I now wouldn't recommend forcing the cover's separation. The remaining tar left adhered to the tile will probably wear away over time.
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