colin (vivanothing) wrote in toynbee_tiles,

The identity of the tile-maker

Hello everyone, I'm new around here.

Two friends of mine and I are working on a documentary film about the tiles. The film is intended to serve two functions, more or less: 1.) Tell the criminally untold story of the tiles, and 2.) Document our search for the identity of the tile-maker.

I encourage everyone to check out our web page,, which currently is more of a gathering of information about the tiles than a source of info on our movie, since the movie is only about half-shot.

Specifically, I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on tracking down this elusive artist behind the tiles. Most everyone that follows this mystery that I've talked to is convinced that the new crop of tiles is the work of a copycat artist, and that the original artist ceased operations around 2002 (right around when the new ones started popping up, coincidentally enough.) There are a thousand different possibilities and very few concrete leads to explanations for any of this, but most of my tile-fan friends are hung up on the idea that this is a younger, artistically inclined 'culture-jammer' at work on the new crop of tiles who is copying the mad rantings of a genuinely insane original artist.

Taking that theory and running with it is the next step that my collaborators want to take. My question to you all is, taking the above hypothesis as a given, what would be a good first step to tracking the 'new-school' tile-maker down? Any ideas?

If you're as into the tiles as we are and have any thoughts on any aspect of our project or just wanna talk tiles, please get in touch!

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